May 1, 2018


Spartan Route - Imports


European Payments 

You pay us with Bitcoin:  We charge 1.5%                                                             

You pay us with Cash:      We charge 2.5%    

United States     

You pay us with Bitcoin:   We charge 2.5%    

You pay us with Cash:       We charge 3.5%    

All other transactions – Price On Application                                             


  • Minimum Fee on all transactions is €10
  • Depending on the nature of the transaction Spartan Route will supply you with a virtual prepaid credit card so you can make payments at your leisure OR Spartan Route will make a Bank Transfer on your behalf from our Irish bank account.
  • Please note that any transaction (or accumulative transactions) above 1000€ will be subject to KYC & AML and will require the provision of formal individual/company documentation.