The Evolution of Revolution

The Greek people now witness the noose of economic and political oppression dangling at the hands of a Mr. Jean Claude Junker and his bandit of EU mercenaries. The sovereignty of the nation, has continuously been diluted by the stark sanctions imposed by the EU and the ECB. The current creditor’s demands on the Greek nationals, if accepted, will propel Greece further into an amputated brand of sovereignty.

Perhaps the greatest risk to Greek independence we have seen since OXI, where the Greek people in 1940 stood against the wrath of Mussolini and definitely proclaimed NO, NO to subjugation, NO to Oppression and NO to the integrity curtailment of the Greek nation. As thousands flood the streets of Athens, Thessaloniki and Pátrai, we hear reminiscent calls of NO, defiant in the face of oppression, the Greek take up their fight.

The end result of the oppressive measures taken by the EU and Troika, is the current capital controls in place in Greece. The burden placed by Troika only pushed Greece further into the abyss of unemployment and recession. Now Greece suffers higher unemployment (up to 60% among its countries’ youth) and the prospect of a trade lock out from the European Economic Community. The monetary system as we know it, has failed Greece, it’s time for a change, it’s time to transition from fractional, centralised and bureaucratic banking to the Greek people owning their own wealth.

Bitcoin marks a paradigm shift as to how we perceive currencies, make payments and transfer money from one to another. Bitcoin is turning the inefficiencies of the traditional banking system on its head. Operating on a decentralised basis, it ensures that you alone are the sole owner of your wealth. No centralised authority can relinquishes or withhold your power over your money. The peer to peer currency also facilitates you to transfer money across borders freely, in much the same way you can send an e-mail to anyone, anywhere in the world, instantaneously.

Bitcoin can help the people of Greece. The Greek people are wrestling their sovereignty back form the EU and Greek nationals can chart their own economic course through the adoption of Bitcoin. Bitcoin can also help the Greek export industry to stay intact, economic sanctions make it near impossible from many Greek business to operate and survive. The adoption of Bitcoin can help transcend these trade barriers, opening up Greek exports to the world once more.

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