Enabling Greek Import/Export through Bitcoin


Potential lockout from the European Economic Area

Capital Controls

With the banking system locked down, capital controls prevent Greek citizens from accessing cash and this disrupts the economy.

Economic Lockout

With the potential collapse of the Greek banking system and Grexit, disruption to Greek exports is likely.

Political Blackmail

The Greek people are being politically & financially blackmailed by creditors due to the economic stranglehold on the country’s financial system.



Spartan Route provides Greece with a new route to European markets
Economic connectivity through Bitcoin & the Blockchain

Spartan Route provides economic freedom for the Greek economy by purchasing your exports with Bitcoin.

Deliver your goods as normal to your customer through your current supply chains.

Spartan Route completes the sale cycle by invoicing your customers in Euros.

Economic and political freedom through a decentralized monetary system.

  • Invoice Spartan Route for your exports

  • Deliver your goods as normal

  • Spartan Route pays you with Bitcoin

  • Spartan Route Invoices your customer for Euro

Our Team

Fighting for change

Peter Nagle

Chief Executive Officer
Peter is a leading Irish advocate for Bitcoin and Blockchain technology based solutions & possess expert industry knowledge within the digital currency domain.

James Nagle

Chief Financial Officer
James is a driven Bitcoin Professional, with a unique perspective of the Bitcoin domain, stemming from his complementary Economics and Computer Science background.

Danny O’Donovan

Chief Operations Officer
Danny, a former student activist that has experience with managing large operations and understands what it takes to run payment & transaction processing house.

Dimos Chatzinkolaou

Customer Relations
Dimos, a Greek national with background of International Economics has a deep understanding of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and its benefits for Greek businesses.